The Venice Glass Week 2018

The Venice Glass Week is an international festival dedicated to the art of glassmaking, with particular focus on Murano and Venetian glass, which aims to revive and promote Venice’s most important artistic and industrial activity. The second edition will take place from 9 to 16 September 2018 and will include exhibitions, conferences, seminars, screenings and furnace open-days.

In the context of the Guarnieri Artistic Glassworks, in a special set-up room with the splendid setting of the Murano lagoon, VéVé Glass and Paolo Birello present the exhibition


We must handle dreams with nuance, like a work of art, not logically or rationally, as one may make a statement, but with a small restriction somewhere. It is the creative art of nature which makes the dream, so we must be up to it when we try to interpret them.” (C.G. Jung 1928-30)

Starting from this concept: “Dream analysis” by C.G. Jung, the simple but at the same time original idea to transfer what people “dreams” and loves in a Murano glass panel was born. Using the ancient technique of glass fusing, it is possible to give space to creativity and interpretation of the master glassmaker. The result is a dreamlike transposition of a desire: a face, a landscape, a graphic design, a symbol, etc. This event presents the possibility of transferring images, ideas and dreams into a Murano glass panel that, in some way, depicts them.

There will be a wide choice of works made by the maestro Paolo Birello on the event, which reproduce a range of installations, made of backlit glass panels with LED Systems, which visitors can admire. At the same time, visitors may inquire about the possibility of realizing their “dreams” with this technique that allows a variety of expressive contexts such as art, graphics and images.

The exhibition will show the works rigorously created for this occasion and a site-specific installation of the artist will welcome the visitor inside the dedicated space.

The work of Paolo Birello is known for his constant research and evolution, starting from the first multi-colored fusions, he explored new techniques and materials that are all reflecting his search for a formal balance, geometric harmony and color matching.




Opening party



Fondamenta Serenella 3/4 – Murano Venice – Italy

Monday, Sep. 10, 2018 – h 5:00 pm

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The Venice Glass Week

9 - 16 September 2018

Paolo Birello and VéVé Glass present the exhibition

"Your Dream In A Glass Panel"

at Guarnieri Vetreria Artistica

Fondamenta Serenella 3/4 - 30141 Murano Venice - Italy

Opening party : Monday Sep. 10th - h 17:00

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