Data Protection and Privacy Policy

In accordance with section 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003 (“Privacy Code”), the following information describes the way in which VéVé Glass processes the personal data of users gathered through its website (“site”) and through other sources.


Data Controller

The controller of personal data is VéVé Glass, a department of Cromia Glass s.n.c. (hereinafter “VéVé Glass”), with address: Via Venier 44 – 30020 Marcon Venice, Italy.


Categories and nature of processed data

VéVé Glass will process users’ personal data gathered through the navigation and use of its website, as well as data gathered at the moment of registration and during the forwarding of purchase orders, through the use of an automated electronic system (see “VéVé Glass’s Cookies Policy”).


General Use of Personal Data

Personal data can be processed for the following purposes:

  1. a) general use of personal data necessary for the correct use of the website and strictly connected to it, registration and access to private areas, for the sending of purchase orders and the management of the contractual relationship;
  2. b) responding to specific requests;
  3. c) fulfilling legal obligations;
  4. d) for monitoring and analyzing statistics and measurements of customer satisfaction levels, as well as for sending promotional communications and newsletters (via post and phone, email and SMS, or via other automated tools) to contact details provided at the time the online registration form was completed;
  5. e) processing of information related to the use of the site (such as frequency of use, purpose of use, habits, interests, statistics, purchase orders, etc.) through the use of cookies; (see “VéVé Glass’s Cookies policy”)


Obligatory or optional nature of data gathering and consent refusal consequences

With regard to the purposes referred to in points a), b) and c), consenting VéVé Glass the use of your personal data is obligatory, and the related data processing does not require your consent. Refusal to provide data can result in VéVé Glass not being able to proceed with a contractual relationship or process purchase orders. The provision of data related to the fields marked as non-obligatory on the registration form is optional.

The provision of data for the purposes referred to in points d) and e) is optional, and refusal will not have any adverse consequences.

The contents of the Sales Contract will be archived by VéVé Glass and may be sent by email together with the Terms and Conditions of Sales. Details related to more recent orders are available in each customer’s My Account section.

Users are free to cancel their newsletter subscription at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link found in every promotional email.


Personal Data Processing

Personal data is processed by automated systems, strictly correlated to its final use, for the time necessary to achieve the objectives for which the data was collected and in compliance with applicable law. Specific security measures are put in place to prevent loss of data, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access. Gathered information is stored safely and securely.


Scope of the communication of personal data

Personal data will not be made public and may be disclosed in Italy or in other EU States for the above-mentioned aims, to third parties which act on behalf of or in the name of VéVé Glass, such as those responsible for the delivery of products, credit institutions, our legal and tax consultants, outsourcers, etc.

For the purpose indicated above, data can be viewed by staff employed at VéVé Glass or those responsible for data processing.

The person in charge of data processing for VéVé Glass is the Sales Manager. An updated list of those responsible for data processing is available from the company’s head office.


Customers’ rights

We hereby inform you that the Privacy Code entitles you to exercise certain rights.

In particular, at any time, you can attain: a) confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal data regarding yourself, even if it not yet registered, and the disclosure of this information in an intelligible form; b) an indication of the origin of personal data, of the purposes and methods of data processing as well as the method applied in the case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic equipment; c) an indication of the identity of the owner and those in charge as well as the individuals or groups of individuals to whom the information can be disclosed or who can become aware of it; d) the updating, the rectification or adding of data, as well as the cancellation, the conversion to an anonymous form or the blocking of processed data in violation of the law, including any information which is not necessary to conserve in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed; e) Confirmation that the operations referred to in d) have been brought to the attention, including in regards to their content, of those to whom the data has been disclosed, except when this proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right. The interested party, pursuant to section 7 of the Privacy Code, has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data, even if it is relevant to the purpose for which the data was gathered, as well as the processing of personal data with the aim of sending promotional mail or for other purposes for which they have given their consent.

All of these rights can be seen by contacting VéVé Glass, Via Venier 44, 30020 Marcon Venice, Italy – Tel. +39 041 5952298 – Email:


VéVé Glass Cookies Policy

VéVé Glass uses cookies to provide services which improve the clients’ browsing experience.

How we use cookies:

We use anonymous browsing cookies, which are required to allow the user to correctly browse VéVé Glass’s website, use all functions and access secure areas.

We use analytical cookies to better understand how our users use the website and to optimize and improve the site, by making it more interesting and relevant for users.

This information is anonymous, and is used only for statistical purposes.

We use anonymous commercial cookies to show you our advertising on other websites, based on products you have viewed while browsing previously. These cookies are usually inserted by trusted third parties (such as Google through remarketing for display advertising); however, VéVé Glass does not permit such companies to collect personal information related to users. This means that anonymity is guaranteed and personal data will not be used by other sites or marketing databases.



Cookie Policy


What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookies were created in 1994 by Lou Montulli, an employee of Netscape, as a solution to the problems caused by the fact that websites could not identify computers that were accessing them. Cookies are labels assigned to devices, and one of their important functions is to tell the website whether two requests come from the same device or from two different devices. Cookies are saved to the hard drive or memory of the visitor’s computer. A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website. Cookies allow the site to function correctly and improve its performance, as well as giving information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize the user’s navigation experience by remembering preferences and navigation modes. Cookies can be linked to the device’s ID, notifying the website when the user returns. Many sites, including this one, use them. Cookies tell us how often you visit each page, so that we know what information may be of interest to you. We are then able to offer you more content that is relevant to you and less that is unlikely to interest you. Cookies help the site to be more efficient and to remember preferences and user names, register products and services, and personalize pages.

If you do not register with VéVé Glass and sign in, then the only thing that the server knows is that somebody with that cookie has returned to visit us. That’s all.


So what cookies does VéVé Glass use and for what purposes?

VéVé Glass uses various types of cookies and related technologies, each of which has a specific function. We give you this information as part of our commitment to notify you of recent changes to the law and to ensure clarity with regard to privacy issues on our website, www.VéVé (“website”).

To optimize the functioning of the site by personalizing it to your preferences and to ensure that the online purchasing system works correctly, your computer, tablet or mobile device should be set to accept cookies. Our guide to the use of cookies gives information about the type of cookies used and how to manage, control and disable them.


Types of cookies

On the VéVé Glass site, we use cookies to save the items in your basket, remember your details when you return to the site, and optimize your online experience. For example, cookies allow us to personalize certain sections of the site to match your preferences, display targeted offers, and identify and resolve errors.

Cookies will not damage your device. We do not generally use cookies to save personal information or details that identify you. When we do, we acquire the information directly from you, for example when you enter details on the site, and we use them only for the purposes indicated in our guide to cookies and our privacy guide. All the information that we acquire through the use of cookies is kept secure.

We also collaborate with selected companies which can install cookies on your device when you visit our site. These companies use the information from the cookies to display offers of products or services that may interest you.

We do not have access to or control of the cookies used by our affiliated companies. We do not share the personal information that we collect, such as names, phone numbers or addresses, with these companies, except as described in our privacy guide.


Navigation cookies

These cookies allow the site to function correctly and allow you to view the content on your device. They recognize the country that you are connecting from and set the site to the relevant language. If you are a registered user, they recognize you and allow you to access the services offered in members’ areas. Navigation cookies are essential to the functioning of the site.


Functional cookies

These cookies recognize you when you return to the site. They allow you to save your information if you wish, so that you do not have to enter it every time you visit. (These are the “remember me” cookies.)

If you have added items to your basket and closed your session without completing the purchase or removing the items, these cookies save the items for a limited period so that you can continue shopping the next time you access the site.

Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the site, but they make navigation easier.


Analytics cookies

These cookies analyze the way users navigate the site.

The data is anonymous and is used for statistical purposes only. These cookies are installed by a service provider on the browser or on the device used to access the site. VéVé Glass uses certain third-party services which install their own cookies completely independently.


First- and third-party marketing and profiling cookies

These cookies create a profile of the user in order to display adverts that match the user’s preferences or to improve the navigation experience. We use them to show you products that might interest you or products similar to ones you have already viewed. Third-party cookies are cookies used on our site by our partner companies. They make it possible to retarget, i.e. offer you our products through affiliated sites. We have no control over the information provided by third-party cookies and we do not have access to the information. It is controlled entirely by third parties as described in the privacy policies.


Social Network cookies

These cookies allow your social network account to interact with our site, for example by allowing you to give feedback or share the site with your friends. Social network cookies are not essential to navigation.


How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?

Most browsers allow you to change the settings for accepting, controlling and disabling cookies. Remember, however, that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause the site to malfunction and/or limit the services available.

For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party profiling cookies, see

To disable analytics cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting your navigation data, you can download the additional component that allows you to deactivate Google Analytics:


Accepting and refusing cookies

By closing the information banner about cookies, continuing to use this site, clicking anywhere on the page, or scrolling up or down, you automatically accept VéVé Glass’s Cookie Policy, and cookies will be used during your visit. If you leave the site, any cookies already installed on your browser will remain there, but they will no longer be read or used by VéVé Glass unless you later accept the Cookie Policy. These cookies can be removed at any time using the method described in the paragraph entitled “Managing cookies”.


Granting or refusing consent for your data to be processed

The updated list of persons responsible for data processing referred to in this guide can be consulted at the VéVé Glass headquarters at Via Venier 44, – 30020 Marcon Venice. The rights referred to in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 may be exercised by sending a written request by letter addressed to VéVé Glass or by email to the address



Conditions of use

The access and use of the site (“Site”) is subject to the acceptance, on behalf of the user, of the following conditions (“Conditions”) and applicable laws. By accessing and consulting the Site, the user accepts, without limitations or reservations, the Conditions specified below. If the Conditions are not accepted, the user will not be able to access the site. The site is the property of VéVé Glass, a department of Cromia Glass s.n.c., a company based at the following address: Via Venier 44, 30020 Marcon Venice, Italy, VAT number IT03025190277, Tax Code 03025190277, (“VéVé Glass”).


Limitations to the use of content and information published on the Site.

All information and content published on the Site (“Information”) is protected by copyright or by other intellectual property rights and, except where indicated, cannot be used, neither in full nor in part, nor be copied, reproduced, transferred, published nor distributed in any way without the prior written consent of VéVé Glass. The user can download and/or print the information exclusively for personal use and for non-commercial use. In any case, the user cannot distribute, edit, transmit, reuse, send or use the information, therein including texts, images, contents as well as software possibly present on the Site, for advertising or business purposes without the prior written authorisation of VéVé Glass.

Brands, logos and any other distinctive sign which appears on the Site are the property of VéVé Glass or its business partners, and cannot be used in any way or form or by any means without the prior written consent of VéVé Glass. In particular, the registered name “VéVé Glass”, as with any other distinctive sign which contains the “VéVé Glass” brand, cannot be in any way used as a domain name or as part of one, for third party sites, without the prior written consent of VéVé Glass.

If any violation of intellectual property rights is found, it is possible to submit a report to VéVé Glass at the following email address:


Limitations of liability

VéVé Glass will strive to publish precise and updated information on the Site. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the use of information does not violate the rights of third parties, nor that the information is free of errors, is exact, is complete or updated. Under no circumstances will VéVé Glass be held responsible in any way for any negative consequences, damages or losses, deriving or related to use of the Site and Information.


Sites, links and third party site contents

VéVé Glass cannot check the content of third party sites or of external pages to which the Site could be in some way connected, and does not assume any responsibility for materials and information shown on such sites in respect to those which VéVé Glass has a link to. Connecting to external pages from the Site is the responsibility of the user. Connection through link to other sites does not implicate in any way that VéVé Glass has a collaboration or affiliation with the third-party holders of these sites.


Information sent by users

Any information, content or material sent to the Site (including uploaded files, data, questions, comments, suggestions or other) will always be kept confidential. The user guarantees to hold VéVé Glass harmless from any action, request, or demand put forward by third-parties in relation to the use of such material.


User Registration

Each user can register on the site, by inserting their data on the appropriate registration form, if the client intends to proceed to the purchase of products sold through the Site. The user guarantees VéVé Glass that information provided during registration is current, sincere and correct, and will undertake to notify VéVé Glass of any variation in data regarding the registration. Notification must be carried out by editing the personal account. In the event that VéVé Glass should believe that the information is not correct, or for any reason believes that such a measure is justified, it will be able to deny access to the Site or suspend the user’s account. VéVé Glass will proceed with verifying the VAT number only for professionals/businesses who have offices in the European Union.


Further Restrictions

Only connection to the home page of the Site is permitted to third parties. Under no circumstances is so-called deep linking permitted without the prior written authorisation of VéVé Glass.

Framing of the Site or parts of it by third parties is not permitted, nor is the use of any other medium which can lead users to believe that the Site contents are available to third parties. The inclusion of parts of the Site on third-party sites unknown to VéVé Glass is also forbidden.

Any request for connection to the home page of the Site or to any other section, page or content can be sent to the following address VéVé Glass will give authorisation for the activation of the link to the Site at its own discretion, free of charge and in a non-exclusive manner.

VéVé Glass has the right to edit the present conditions at any time. The user is tied to such modifications and must therefore periodically consult this page to verify the content of the Conditions to which they are tied.

Last updated – February 19, 2018

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