Baruffe Chiozzotte

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The "Baruffe Chiozzotte"
Quarrels at Chioggia by Carlo Goldoni

The Teatro Stabile del Veneto presents a choral show, populated by irresistible characters: innocent and rude men and women, imperfect specimens of an extraordinary humanity.

The “Baruffe Chiozzotte” (Quarrels at Chioggia) is a play of great lightness and irresistible fun, even if in filigree we can glimpse the melancholy for the time that flees. Women have only one urgency: to get married. Their men are fishermen, and sooner or later the sea will call them to him.

The female world, made of dreams of love, of waiting and vitality, is linked to the courtyard. It is there that the battles are consumed to keep the men anchored to the mainland.

In his “Baruffe” Goldoni succeeds in what he does best: digging into the essence of the human being, bringing to light all his imperfections, to be able to examine, understand and perhaps overcome them.

Hypocrisy and selfishness quickly become the cornerstones of every word and action, so much so that every figure seems to be a small lagoon island, close enough to see what happens around him, but too busy thinking about his own good to make it to his neighbor.


Location: Goldoni Theater, Venice

Opening: from February 28 to March 3, 2019

Schedule: Thu and Fri 8:30 pm, Sat 7:00 pm, Sun 4 pm

Ticket: up to € 25

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